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Dry suit diving is COOL.

Diving in the UK's temperate water, really needs a dry suit. So what are the benefits and how do they work?

We are back!

Divecrew, financially sound and bigger and better as 2nd December draws closer. We are BACK!

New Year, New Boat

Divecrew have chartered a brand new boat. 40 metres of sheer luxury. Join "Shark Bite" for Get Hammered in 2021.

Staycation or Overseas Diving

Why you should learn to scuba dive right here in the UK 2021.

Another lock down

Another 4 weeks (at least) with no revenue, how are the dive agencies going to support bricks and mortar dive centres.

Should I Own My Own Dive Kit Or Just Hire?

Should I purchase my own scuba diving kit? Or rent?

Little and Often

Our Master Instructor provides hints and tips on diving techniques for platform use, mask skills and DSMB.

Psychology and Scuba

The Psychology of Scuba Diving.

Mask skills

Some people have a real issue with scuba diving mask skills, so which is the best way? PADI, BSAC, RAID or SSI. Lets have a look at standards and technique.